UX and Front-End Development

PerArt app

PerArt App

The Client

This project started after hearing my artist friends’ problems with announcing their performances. They complained that because they are not reaching the general public, they are losing exposure and opportunities for more performances.

The Challenge

In my initial research I found:

  1. Facebook and Twitter are inadequate to reach the public, unless you are famous.
  2. Most performance artists are not well known, but they would like to reach more art lovers.
  3. There should be a way to measure public interest.
  4. People have little tolerance for filling out long forms to sign up for an account.

Solution and Benefits

Through artist interviews, I decided that an app was the best way to go. It offers one go-to place to announce their performance and to foster public interest. It also creates personal relationships between the public and the artists and makes it easy for the public to find performance artists.

Through user interviews I realized there are two types of users for this app: the artist and the seeker (the public).

This is the sign-in for the Artist user. It is very fast and simple to create an account. My research showed that artists will delay creating an account if they think it takes too long to complete.

Experience Map



Early Prototype example