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Casa Goyo

Casa Goyo

The Client

Casa Goyo is located near the airport in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain. It is very popular among the locals, but unknown to tourists (I suspect locals prefer it that way). Its location makes it ideal for tourists arriving to the island.

One of the many good things about this restaurant is its seafood fresh from the ocean, nothing frozen from the supermarket. Casa Goyo's menu is limited but absolutely delicious and very characteristic of the region.

The Challenge

I interviewed the restaurant manager about his business to learn:

Casa Goyo’s strengths and weaknesses.

What sets Casa Goyo apart from the competition?

What kind of customers do they usually attract?

What are the peak hours?

The management’s main desire was to attract more tourists. On the customer’s side, people looking for a restaurant want to know about the quality of the food and how long they will have to wait for a table.

Solution and Benefits

Thanks to my familiarity with the area and the history of the region, the solution was obvious: a mobile app targeted at tourists. According to the Tourism Office in Santa Cruz, most tourists are German or British, so the mobile design translates into German and English.

The restaurant’s location is ideal but unless the tourist can navigate the area the trip can be difficult. The solution I designed calls for a section that will link to Google maps showing the user how to get to Casa Goyo from anywhere in the island. I also recommended that Casa Goyo advertise in the airports and ferry ports, tourists’ typical entry points to the island.




Early prototype example