UX and Front-End Development



BCA is one of the institutes in charge of supporting and developing the arts in Boston. The BCA is conveniently located in the heart of the South End. It is composed of the Mills Gallery, the Cylclorama, the Artist Studios, and The Stanford Calderwood Pavilion.

The Challenge

The BCA’s website needs to be constantly updated.  The content of their website also needs to be in constant update and a design that reflects the BCA’s mission to innovate the arts in Boston.

The Solution

I started designing the website beginning with the mobile version and then moving on to different sized screens. Each section of the website is designed to promote the different venues and the artists participating in them. For easy browsing, I designed this site so the user gets all the updates about the BCA in the home section—this way the user doesn’t have to go too deeply into the site to see what’s new.